OPA Audits

Report Date Report No. Dept/Agency Report Title
2013-06-01 NA CNMI CHCC Accountant's Compilation Report, June 6, 2013
2013-05-28 13-01 AUP DPL Department of Public Lands, Managaha Landing Fees Trust Account. December 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012
2011-04-11 IR-11-01 CNMI CNMI's Oversight of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds Evaluation Report, February 2009 through June 2010
2011-03-22 AR-11-01 CPA Audit of Travel Practices at Commonwealth Ports Authority from October 1, 2004 thru March 31,2008.
2010-03-09 IR-10-01 DOF Tobacco Control Fund Status Inspection Report
2005-09-21 AR-05-04 DPS Audit of the Department of Public Safety Evidence Controls
2005-08-12 AR-05-03 MHLO Audit of the Marianas Hawaii Liaison Office
2005-06-06 AR-05-02 DOL Audit of Controls Over the Nonresident Worker Application Process
2005-03-03 AR-05-01 CNMI Audit of the Security of CNMI Government Funds Deposited in Banks and Financial Institutions
2003-08-19 AR-03-06 CHC Hiring of Nurses Directly by the Commonwealth Health Center Versus Contracting Through Manpower Agencies
2003-08-06 AR-03-05 LEG Monthly Subsistence Allowance Provided to Members of the Senate Covering the Six Months Ending June 30, 2002
2003-03-10 AR-03-04 AGO Audit of the Attorney General’s Investigative Unit Confidential Informant/Cash Funds, October 1, 1994 to April 30, 2002
2003-02-19 AR-03-03 NMC Northern Marianas College Evaluation of the Facts and Circumstances Surrounding the Termination of Employees
2003-01-22 AR-03-02 CUC Commonwealth Utilities Corporation - Audit of Premium Pay, Overtime, and Salary Increases from October 1, 1999 Through September 30, 2001
2003-01-15 AR-03-01 CUC Commonwealth Utilities Corporation - Audit of Personnel Hiring
2002-09-20 AR-02-03 CDA Commonwealth Development Authority - Audit of Loans Receivable as of September 30, 2001
2002-09-11 AR-02-02 TCGCC Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission Audit of Travel Transactions Fiscal Years 1996 - 2001
2002-08-27 AR-02-01 CUC Commonwealth Utilities Corporation - Audit of Small Purchases From Oct. 1, 1999 Through Mar. 31, 2001
2001-11-30 LT-01-08 DPS Audit of the Department of Public Safety's Confidential Informant Fund and Prostitution Fund for Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 1999
2001-11-23 LT-01-07 CUC Audit of CUC-Paid Travel by CUC Board of Directors, Key Management and Other CNMI Government Officials from October 1999 through March 2001
2001-08-15 LT-01-06 DOF Audit of Government Revenues from the CNMI Lottery Operations for the Fourth Quarter of Fiscal Year 1999
2001-08-15 LT-01-05 NMIRF Audit of Billings under NMIRF Professional Services Contract During the Period October 1, 1996 Through February 29, 2000.